Manga One Piece karya dari mangaka Eiichiro Oda kini sudah memasuki chapter 895 dengan One Piece 896 akan terbit di akhir ini atau pada awal bulan depan.

Bagi yang penasaran dengan kelanjutan cerita komik One Piece 896, kami berikan spoiler dan prediksi apa yang akan terjadi pada chapter terbaru manga itu.

Sebelum kita membahas mengenai prediksi dan spoiler, lihat terlebih dahulu chapter cerita sebelumnya One Piece 895 di bawah ini bagi yang sudah agak lupa dan ingin mengetahuinya atau bahkan yang belum membacanya.


One Piece 895 Spoiler Gambar


One Piece 895 Summary

Credit Odstar Orojackson

page 1:

cover: Apparently hajiridum’s team is requesting to quit from buggy


Katakuri: Snakemen? you look different.
Luffy: Yeah, different from previous one.
L: I am much faster now. (luffy’s attack has sound like super sonic?! i guess)


K: from the side?
L:Curling(dont know what he saying)
K: What was that?
K: i am sure I dodged it

Page 6:

K: Now i get it.
L: Go get him Phyton!

Page 7: Katakuri dodges the attack. But luffy’s attack stops and turns.

L: its useless.
L: I can stretch even faster
L: GOMU GOMU NO … Jet culvert​

Page 9:


Page 10:

L: Stop it, dammit i stuck

Page 11:

Page 12:

L(cough): Dammit. it hurts. dammit. I am so hungry.
K: What the eff you complaining about.
L: I said what I am thinking right now. Now its much better. (this part is so funny)
L: Go down you Katakuri.​

Page 13: ooh! ouch ouch ouch!

Page 14: luffy is tired and coughing and kata too

L: GOMU GOMU NO … Black Mamba​

Page 15: luffy’s attack sounds very fast. donno how to translate it.

L: that technique again.
K: I’ll make this easy and end it, straw hat!
L: No thanks!! GOMU GOMU NO…​

Page 16-17:


Source / credits Redon (Ap)

Chapter 895: “Pirate Luffy Vs Sweet Commander Katakuri”.

In the cover, Hajrudin leaves Buggy base.

All chapter is about Luffy Vs. Katakuri. Snakeman is like Boundman but skinny.

Luffy uses new attacks like “Python” or “Black Mamba”. Katakuri uses “Zangiri Mochi”.

At the end of the chapter, Luffy and Katakuri crash (Luffy uses a new attack called King Cobra). To know the end of the battle, we must wait until next chapter.

No chapter next week.

Source: YonkouProductions

Chapter 895: Pirate Luffy VS Commander Katakuri.

Katakuri comments that Luffy looks a little different in his Snakeman form, and yeah he’s a bit slimmer than normal Gear 4 And Luffy’s like “Yeah, I’m much faster than before!” Katakuri who can’t figure out how Luffy’s able to hit him despite his dodging. It’s because Luffy’s using his new ability to bend his arms like a snake at different angles. This is called “Python”.

Katakuri tries to move, but Luffy is able to even speed up his stretching. And he hits Katakuri with a “Jet Culverin”. Katakuri turns his arm into a spiked mace and hits Luffy hard –this is “Zangiri Mochi” or “Cutting short mochi” Though the kanji is kinda like “slicing mochi”.

They’re trading blows for a while, and Luffy hits Katakuri with “Black Mamba. It’s basically a high speed gatling.

“I’ll make this easy and end it, straw hat!”

“No thanks!! Gum-gum…”

At this point they’re both breathing hard, Clearly out of it. both of their attacks hit hard “Zangiri Mochi” and “King Cobra”. There’s a huge explosion, but the victor isn’t clear.

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One Piece 895 Spoiler

Untuk saat ini masih belum ada spoiler One Piece 895 yang dipastikan kebenarannya. Namun untuk memenuhi rasa penasaran para pecinta komik One Piece, untuk sementara waktu dapat membaca spoiler di bawah ini yang sudah tersebar di dunia maya;

One Piece 895 Snakeman











・ “やるとわかってる明らかなパワーアップを黙ってみてる”カタクリに、ニッと笑うルフィ


















































Ditranslate dari google  translate;

This page is “anticipation” of the development of the latest talk. I expect loose deployment.
· The appearance of Luffy who saw the future, a bad sweat
· Luffy blowing air into Pooch and arm
· Kuroki like the snake and snake’s eye at the eyes
· The upper body bulges like a head of a cobra
· And a dazzling pattern arises due to the black armed on the arms that drooped with the derailleur
· The hand is also growing abnormally large as if to prey the attacking partner
· Luffy “” Gear 4 “…”
· Taste like Luffy ‘s whole body sculpted like a warrior smiles even smile
· Luffy: “Snake Man (Snake Man)” !!! ”
· “I know I’m trying to shut up obvious power-ups” I’m smiling Luffy
· And the two moving up
· Although Luffy’s legs are armed, they retain rubber elasticity and set off an attack at the speed of “shaving”
· Deploying innumerable “Musou Donuts” at the end of the attack by future vision – Luffy to say “Scorpion” attack of “rice cake” popping out of it
· Jumping on the legs hammered out further “rice cakes”
· Luffy “” Rubber Rubber … Python Magnum “!!!”
· Hit all the defenses of Katakuri through the face
· Luffy’s “Snake Man” wears ambition and arms ambush over the whole body
· For that reason, the whole body becomes sensory instrument
· That is –
· Avoid all attacks from the opponent and you can hit all your attacks
· Naturally, exhaustion is severe
· The limit of “Luffy’s” Gear 4 “is about 3 minutes more …
· Time was past “0:20” [sponsor drink] · Fire tank pirates who threw Liqueur Island
· Mum drooling with saliva as it grows thinner more and more
· Vito “嗚 call … I passed over the island …”
· · · · · · · · · ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0
· Chiffon “I like it! Such a place of you”
· Subordinates “We are also father !!!”
· Bedge “No, you, you guys, you, take the next fleet apart!
· Subordinates “Yes! Father !!!”
· Chiffon “(If it is a fluffy island … it should have been there … maybe you can use it)”
· ※ Chiffon was governing fluffy island “Fluffy minister”
· Sanji and pudding riding in Rabbian
· Arrive far above the cacao island Recollection –
· In the Sunny issue
· Communication to the pudding
· It is from Chocopolis of Cacao Island
· Know that the directive to split all the mirrors on the island came from the oven
· Pudding suggested “One mirror of my house is hidden …”
· However, Sanji says there is a possibility that the position of the pudding may endanger after all it is over
· Sanji ‘s kindness as “Bon ♡” and falling pudding Sanji says that if the mirror that Luffy’s coming out is narrowed down to one, it will be more convenient as a rescuer
· Instructed Chocopolis breaks all mirrors except one of the buildings owned by pudding
· Make it confirmed by the oven army
· And for San Lui to rescue Luffy rides Rabiyan with Pudding and precedes the Island of Cacao again
· – reminisence end
· Sanji “The only remaining mirror on the island of Kakao … is it?”
· Sanji looking down from the sky
· Go to salvation as soon as you feel the sign of Luffy comes out
· – and sight seeing and maximizing the ambition
· Cacao Island –
· Brothers of many Charlotte families gathered
· Among them, there was one person who noticed the signs of Sanji who was far in the sky
· That person is … Former “4 Star” Snack !!!
· Snack “Mmm … what?” … next issue.

One Piece 894

Dengan bajak laut Fire Tank yang semakin dekat ke pulau Liqueur, Chiffon mengatakan kepada mereka untuk pergi ke pulau Funwari saja dalam rangka menjauhkan Big Mom dari bajak laut topi jerami.

Sedangkan kapal Thousand Sunny menghindari tebasan dari Smoothie yang membesar. Di sisi lain, Sanji dan Pudding mengendarai Rabiyan ke pulau Cacao untuk membantu menyelamatkan Luffy. Namun Oven mengerahkan banyak orang yang kebanyakan saudaranya dan kru menunggu Topi Jerami di pulau Cacao.

Dalam dunia cermin, Kenbunshku Haki Luffy mulai mampu melawan Katakuri, membuatnya mampu bertarung seimbang melawan salah satu Sweet Commander. Dengan waktu kurang dari 1 jam dari pertemuan yang ditetapkan dengan anggota krunya, Luffy bersiap mengakhiri pertarungan dengan menggunakan bentuk lain dari Gear 4 yang bernama Snakeman.


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